Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Intel 37

With the aim to create even faster CPU than its current Yorkfield 45nm Core 2 based Xeon, Intel is planning to come out with an upgraded edition of the same that will operate at 3.16GHz. The present fastest Yorkfield based Xeon is X3370 at 3.0 GHz clock 12MB cache and FSB 1333 was carrying a price tag of $525, but from 18th January its price has come down to $317.

The name of the latest faster version is Xeon Quad core X3380, which will function at 3.16GHz and has the same FSB 1333 and comes with 12MB cache. The users will have to pay $525 in the Q1, when the product would be launched. As far as the launch is concerned, it will happen before 29th March before Intel launches its Nehalem based Xeons.

It is being quite surely expected that since Nehalem will change pricing in server renting space.

Major hosting companies including ThePlanet, Rackspace, LayeredTech, Softlayer, ZipServers and Hi-Velocity are expected to announce new packages in multi-core processor bas

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