Sunday, March 29, 2009

Intel 14

The ETX®-PM3 products feature the Intel® Celeron® M Processor or Intel® Pentium® M Processor with the unique Enhanced Speed Step™ technology. The ETX®-PM3 modules offer supreme computing performance at extreme low power consumption. Supporting up to 1Gbyte of DDR- SDRAM technology the memory bandwidth is no longer the performance bottleneck and 2x SATA for high speed drives. The integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2 video controller offers resolutions up to 2048x1536 pixel with 2D and 3D acceleration. The JILI display interface technology ensures automatic setting of the video controller parameters for the attached LCD panel. The 4 USB channels support USB 2.0 with full bandwidth for the coming generations of I/O devices.

As all boards in the ETX® product line the ETX®-PM is fully featured with PCI 2.1 bus, audio, ethernet, floppy/ printer, IDE, serial ports and keyboard/mouse interfaces. ETX® modules are like components, plugging into an application- specific baseboard. The ETX® modules supply the core CPU and memory subsystems together with sound, QXGA, Ethernet and standard PC I/O. They connect to the rest of the embedded system through high density, low profile, surface-mount connectors, which carry both ISA (future option) and PCI bus signals as well as dedicated I/O interfaces. ETX® modules are scaleable and interchangeable, and they make possible the rapid development of semi-custom solutions for embedded applications

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