Saturday, March 28, 2009

Intel 4

The last generation of socket 370 Celeron processors featured Tualatin core with 256 KB level 2 cache, often called as Tualatin-256. Having twice as much cache as Coppermine Celerons, these microprocessors performed as fast as Pentium III Copermine processors running at the same Front Side Bus frequency (100 MHz). Besides larger level 2 cache, the Celerons also had lower core voltage and power consumption. The package of these processors was modified. It still used Flip-Chip packaging technology, where the processor die was mounted upside down on the top of the plastic package, but on Tualatin Celerons the die was covered by integrated heatsink. Like the Pentium III Tualatin CPUs, the Celerons used new bus interface, and, though the Celerons could fit into older socket 370 motherboards, the processors couldn't work in them. It was still possible to use special Tualatin socket 370 adapters to run Tualatin Celeron processors in old motherboards.

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