Sunday, March 29, 2009

Intel 25

Using the same Wolfdale core as the mainstream E8200, the value-priced E7200 is scaled down in several respects. Clock speed drops from the 2.66 GHz to 2.53 GHz, FSB data rate from 1333 MHz to 1066 MHz, and Level 2 cache from 6 MB cache to 3 MB. Intel physically disables the missing cache, making it the only part that can’t be restored through simple BIOS manipulation.

We don’t expect much change regarding overclock capability, but the reduction in cache, though unrecoverable, should have only the slightest impact on most benchmarks. Given the large number of 3D benchmarks in our test suite, the $50 we saved by not choosing the pricier E8200 will probably be put to better use in the graphics subsystem.

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